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March 29, 2017No Comments

Dan Brown: Inferno ISBN: 978-3404169757

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Bill Burke: RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0 ISBN: 978-1449361341

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Cixin Liu: The three-body problem ISBN: 978-1-784-97157-1

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Paula Hawkins: The girl on the train ISBN: 978-1-784-16110-1

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December 7, 2016No Comments

Location: Germany Kaltenbronn is another nice place for hiking in the nothern Black Forest. The interesting thing to see that there is a moor on the top of the hills. The track shown is one way from the inn back to the parking places, but there are ma…

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Born to run

December 3, 2016No Comments

Bruce Springsteen: Born to run ISBN: 978-1-4711-5779-0

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November 17, 2016No Comments

Garry Disher: Niederschlag ISBN: 978-3-927734-37-1

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November 2, 2016No Comments

Location: Murgtal, Deutschland

It was a beautiful autumn day in the Black Forest. The clouds are low in the Rhine Valley, on the mountain it was sunny, and the leaves are showing all the colors of autumn. The place is called Teufelsmühle – the Devil’s Mill – and is at 900m. On top there is a watch tower and a small inn, which serves a good cake.

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Location: Germany

The remains of the old castle of Guttenberg have a great view over both the Rhine valley and the forests and hills of the “Pfälzerwald”.

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