Fun with hiking in France & Android & GPS

Coming back from a nice vacation in France, and mainly I had put myself offline for a week – which is a good way to relay. But the geek in me always finds a some things to play with.

So one day a had nice trail to walk around the Lac des Settons which I’d like to share with you. This involves using mytracks on an Android based smart phone. My one’s a LG P970 which has a pretty good GPS sensor. Mytracks records your GPS tracks has live statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation you traveled, and works fine over longer distances and times. Does not consume too much battery, and when you have finished your track you can export the track as a KML file, which can be easily overlayed on Google Maps.

The track around the lake is about 15 km long and flat, so it’s a real nice walk. Many places to have a rest and this is what it looks like on a bright summer day

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